The poor living conditions and the lack of hygiene in the thandas, make the Banjaras predisposed to all kinds of diseases. BBPT is involved in providing education on hygiene and public health for the prevention of diseases and the use of first Aid. Now special campaigns for HIV/AIDS are also being conducted with qualified and trained medical personnel and Mega medical Camps are organized. The ministry is blessed with our own team doctors to serve through the medical camps and health trainings. 

We organized two Mega Medical Camps this year at Warangal and Nalgonda Districts. Around 1500 people benefitted through these camps. These particular regions have 79 villages and 152 thandas. 90% of the population are Banjaras, who are addicted to alcohol and die at a very young age. Lack of literacy is the major drawback of this region.  

we are hoping to do the camps in many more needy places in 2014.  Due to the shortage of resources (Medicines and Equipment’s), we could not meet all their required medical needs but we are still happy that we could do something for them, who till date had no medical help. In future, if God provides the needed resources, we can provide the medical services and do much for many such remote thandas/ and villages of Andhra Pradesh.