Illiteracy is one of the major challenge among the Banjara people. Due to lack of awareness, alcoholic addictions, and prostitution, parents die at a very young age and their children become orphans and have no hope in the Banjara Community (unless we help the child to grow well).  Among the Banjaras literacy rate is only 14% among male and 3% among female. BBPT ministry is working hard to provide education to the most neglected and forgotten Banjara children.

We at BBPT believe that, “Children are the hope of next generation. If a child is neglected the whole generation is neglected”. To reach children with the educational ministry BBPT runs three schools i.e., St. Paul’s school at Raju thanda, Davis School at Hyderabad, and Kent’s school. Even though, these children were accommodated in the temporary sheds without any basic facilities, they are given quality education from our committed teachers. By God’s grace the Banjara community have realized the value of education and started sending their kids to schools. These children are the first generation to go to school. Since the beginning of BBPT schools, we are seeing tremendous growth every year.  The BBPT schools for the academic year (2012-13) have the strength of 665 children in three schools.  Due to accommodation problem we are not able to take more children. Even though these schools do not get any government help, but are recognized by the Government of Andhra Pradesh and are appreciated by the leaders for its Christian values and discipline.

We are carefully bringing up these children with good disciplined life and successfully making them to witness to their guardians about the love of Christ and the Gospel. Through education ministry, we envision two things to happen in the Lord’s kingdom. One, all the family members, relatives of our school children be reached with gospel and become believers of Jesus Christ. Second, may these children be the leaders of next generation for the larger ministry and be the reasons for major transformation of the Banjara community among Banjara people. As the Banjaras are away from the educational line our school educational project will improve the quality of life and prepare the children for future Christian leadership.

During this academic year, we added the following facilities for the children ministry:

  • Girl’s hostel compound wall construction- Davis School.
  • Improved bathrooms and toilet facility for girls- Davis School
  • Hostel renovation for girls -Davis School
  • Boys hostel compound wall construction- Davis School.
  • Improved bathrooms and toilet facility for boys – Davis School
  • Hostel renovation for boys -Davis School
  • Compound wall construction – St. Paul’s School
  • Separate boys hostel facility- St. Paul’s School
  • Separate dining hall facility – St. Paul’s school
  • School building renovation – Jal thanda School
  • Sheds renovation at Sublaid X Road School to start RJ Tribal School

The children at our schools are from the most interior parts of Andhra Pradesh. By opening the doors for their schooling, we have good access to the community to share the holistic Gospel. The children of church planters are also joined in these schools, which mean that the church planters can go into the field according to the God’s call & meeting the needs of ministry, without worrying about their children schooling. 

Computer Lab: This year, 12 computers were provided to Davis High School and St. Paul’s High School. Children are showing their interest in this subject. Children are learning this subject much faster than any other subject.  

Sports materials:We provided, cricket kit (bat, ball, wickets, pads), volley ball, throw ball, food ball, carom board, table tennis, and chess! At St. Paul’s School, students are very excited and conducted a volley ball tournament inviting 15 other schools from the district. This was first of its kind in the village. We could recognize a team of children doing very good with the sports. If they are given good coaching and more opportunities to play, they can go much and much further in the sports.    

Children summer ministry (CSM): We conducted 25 leaders Master training to train in their respective areas and reach 50, 000 children. As the children start singing Christian songs and recite the bible verses, it helps in many ways to reach their parents and also other relatives. 

Christmas gift: New cloths have been provided to our 139 church planters and 550 children at our schools during this Christmas season.